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The Carol Brice Music Association invites you to become a part of NANM's "Pride in a cultural heritage."  Our membership is inclusive of individuals of all races, ages, and levels of musical interest.  NANM affords its members opportunities for performance, education, scholarship, and networking, all while furthering our mission of promoting and preserving the musical legacy of African and African-American music and musicians.
All members of NANM must be affiliated with a local branch in or near his/her city.  CBMA holds the distinction of being the only state branch of NANM.  Our members represent various cities, counties, and schools across North Carolina.  We offer membership at varying levels to facilitate the needs of members of all ages, musical proficiency, and professional stature.  The levels of membership are as listed below:
The Adult membership is comprised of all non-collegiate individuals 21 years of age or older.  Its members range the full spectrum of involvement in music: teachers, administrators, industry professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts.
The collegiate division is designed to provide an opportunity for collegiate musicians to explore their talents, meet and interact with professionals in many different areas of music, and develop a network among themselves and mentors who are professionals in the field.  For our collegiate members, there are numerous performance opportunities throughout the year, particularly in our scholarship competitions, collegiate concerts, master-classes, and various events at our annual national convention.
Our Youth Division is designed for young adults between the ages of 13 and 18, while the Junior Division is designed for students ages 6 through 13, as a space to foster budding musical interest and talent.  The Youth/Junior Division provides educational experiences locally, regionally, and nationally.  Members are also given performance opportunities, as to improve their musical skills with guidance from professionals in the field.  In past years, Youth/Juniors have had the opportunity to perform in the D. Jerlene Harding Memorial/NANM Youth Orchestra.
Life Membership is for individuals that would like to pledge a life-long commitment to NANM.  Those persons who are Life Members automatically become a member of the Life Members Guild, founded by past national president Dr. Theodore Charles Stone in St. Louis, Missouri, August, 1969---the year NANM, Inc. celebrated its Golden (50th) Anniversary.  While the Life Members Guild was originally organized for fun and relaxation via its inaugural brunch, it has accepted the challenge of supporting specialized projects that are important to the mission and purpose of NANM.
In the event that an active NANM branch is not within reasonable proximity of an interested individual, he/she may apply directly to the NANM National Office as an affiliate member.  You have all rights and privileges of membership, but will merely be considered a member-at-laarge.
Annual membership may be renewed in each category of membership, provided the individual is a member in good standing. He/she must have satisfied all local and national financial obligations of dues and assessments, and must have complied with the rules and regulations set forth in the constitution of the National Association of Negro Musicians, Inc. and the local Branch Constitution.  For more information on joining our branch, please feel free to contact us.
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